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  • "In March I fell on ice and felt like I broke a rib. I was living with unbearable pain, I never really believed in chiropractic work. I went to get adjusted Wednesday 6/7/17, that was the first time I felt better since March and haven't taken any pain medicine. I wish I went sooner, I can't believe how much better I am feeling!"
  • "Dear Dr. Wallman,

    As of this time I am happy to tell you that she continues to flourish at school and is now getting ready to head to University. I cannot tell you how you have changed our lives. For that I am eternally grateful. I'm sure by looking at the enclosed picture you don't see that girl that walked in to your office, but a happy young lady ready to take on the world. Thank you for saving my daughter and making a difference!"
    Maria M.
  • "Dear Dr. Wallman,

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your passion and committment to our health. I remember the day I walked through your door, I had already had a feeling of defeat due to my level of exhaustion and pain. I was really at my lowest and felt helpless. From the first time we spoke, I felt like you heard me, something no previous doctor took the time to do. THANK YOU! When people ask me how I am feeling I now respond GREAT thanks to you. I tell people that you saved my life and I (we) truly believe that. I have never felt better and stronger. I am overwhelmed with grattitude for my health everytime I look at Abby. I was terrified of being pregnant when I was consumed with pain and fatigue. I didn't think I could do it, I had an absolute wonderful pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Truly remarkable! We are forever grateful to you!"
    D. A.
  • "I threw my back out doing yard work. I called the office and and was able to go in right away. When I got there, I looked like a question mark. After two treatments I felt much better. I would recommend Dr. Wallman to anyone."
    Kevin U.

Here's what some of our patients said about our 6 Week Detox and Weight Loss Program:

  • "I started the detox program and within 3 weeks I had no migranes, I used to get 1-4 per week. I have lost 15 pounds from January until now. My joints hurt less, I have more energy. I have a clearer thought process and I'm not hungry. I'm grateful to Dr. Wallman and his staff for their ongoing support!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this program. I found the seminars to be informative, sincere and encouraging. Between that and the comradery of the small group, I am encouraged to stay the course. Thank you!"
  • "I was sleeping soundly throughout the night on the third day. I wake up alert/non groggy every morning now. I'm feeling light on my feet in just a week into the program. The program is easy to follow. Thanks!"
  • "It encouraged me to eat more small meals earlier and throughout the day."
  • "I love this program. I am losing weight and I feel amazing! Easy to follow and I love the shakes! I lost 12.5 lbs and I'm taking less blood pressure meds!"


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